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Everything you need to know about Directory Submissions

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

First & foremost: What is Directory Submission?

Directory submission is basically a crucial method in the off-page activity checklist that requires one to submit his/her website's link/URL including all the important details about the particular website in a web directory under your preferred category. This method helps you to uplift the SEO scenario of your website. But HOW? In simple words, a web directory is your key to open the door to different websites, where now, your website has been listed. This further leads to link-building which is as important as it gets.

Types of Directory Submissions

Below are the three types of directory submissions that exist:

1) Basic Directory Submission, where a single URL, a single description but multiple titles are submitted into a variety of categories.

2) Manual Directory Submission, where multiple descriptions and multiple titles, but again, a single URL is submitted.

3) Multiple Directory Submission, where multiple URLs of the same website(Internal URLs) can be submitted along with multiple descriptions and multiple titles.

How to make a directory submission?

Now with the types of directory submissions explained, we move forward to the process to make a directory submission.

  1. First things first, choose from the list of best directory submission websites.

  2. Choose web site} wherever you would like to submit your site or journals like Entireweb Directory,, and others

  3. Once finished with this, choose the class that fitly goes along with your journal niche. as an example, if you have got a website that shares business-related content then the Business and Economy class is appropriate.

  4. After class alternative, hit the submit link button and your journal is submitted to the directory.

  5. Done? No, post clicking submits possibility, many choices can seem on the screen to slender down your choice. For instance: if it’s a business journal then select a business subcategory.

  6. Finally, hit the add article button. currently place in details like uniform resource locator, description, title, and it’s done!

Benefits of Directory Submission

There are a number of reasons why you ought to submit your website to an internet directory:

  1. You can get high-quality backlinks for your website. Submitting your website to a directory can facilitate link building which will facilitate search engines to think about your website or diary for first-page ranking from thousands of blogs.

  2. Want to induce superb website exposure? Then do submit your site to high directories as they attract an enormous variety of holidaymakers daily, every hour. this may assist you to reach your target market.

  3. When you do directory submission of your website, your website gets for good listed in alternative sites that guarantee outstanding program assortment.


To give you a conclusion concerning directory submission, it is a fantastic assistant that helps you gain visibility over the net. Overdoing something will backfire, therefore avoid submitting your website to way too many directories. However, do select a number of the most effective directories for improved SEO results.

We, at Digital Creator, hope this piece helps you and your work pays you maximum dividends. :)



Arush Tandon

SEO Content Expert

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