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How to Grow Website Traffic with Social Media Marketing

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

In a world that is all about technology and networking, It’s becoming really important to have some relevance in the online arena. Whether it is a product, your profile, or your business, it needs to have a certain growth and engagement online in order to gain far better response and profit than the usual offline market. But, gaining this ‘engagement’ we are talking about is not a cakewalk. Like every other aspect of life, the use of the internet involves certain techniques and mindset to achieve the immense growth that everyone requires. The aspect which covers these online skillsets is known as Digital Marketing. Once you master digital marketing, the sky's the limit for you my friend. In this blog, we try to decode the most important points you need to remember while trying to make an impact on the online world.

1. Every Social Media Platform is Unique

In the passage of time, we have seen a number of online platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram stepping up. Though each platform is based on the background of providing entertainment, each one of those has a different theme providing the same. On the other hand, a platform like LinkedIn is a platform that is more professional and career-centric. Hence, for the user, it becomes really important to identify which platform suits his needs the most, but at the same time, have his/her presence felt on all platforms.

2. ENGAGE with the Audience

Engagement is a concept which rules over the social media scene. Audiences love content which they can relate to, which they observe in their daily lives, but never really ponder upon. They like content that excites them. They like content that is visually appealing.

Hence, if you are someone who is capable of making the audience go gaga over your talent, you're destined to go BIG in the online world.

No one has got time on Social Media. People are reluctant on social platforms. Hence, it's important to keep your content relevant and crisp. Irrelevant content doesn't have any space in the online world. One scroll down and your content may get ignored. Always keep this in mind.

3. Hashtags

You may or may not have noticed that Twitter has always got a Top 10 trending hashtags list. It tells about the top hot topics in the world at that particular moment. Hence, surrounding your content around the latest activities of the world is always good accompanied by using the correct hashtags.

Pro tip: Create your personalized hashtag as well, will help a lot as you grow big.

4. Keep it Clean

Any sort of vulgarity or plagiarism is never appreciated on social media. There are copyright strikes, taking down of posts by the platform if the content is found to be copied or derogatory. Thus, focus on the originality of your content.

Conclusion So, these were the 4 most important things to keep in mind if you are going to start a career or your business in the online universe. All the Best!


Author and Writer Arush Tandon SEO Content Expert

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